Polysonic is a Talent, Consultancy & Creative Agency based in Brisbane, Australia. Since 2003, Polysonic has had a hand in countless music events, national tours, brand developments, stage productions – you name it. We’re a team that finds beauty in a simplistic approach, yet we thrive on challenge.

We’re not going to waffle on with a buzz-word laden mission statement here. (Not that we have one – we prefer to have a mantra, it’s much shorter and wastes less of everyone’s time). So instead of telling you what we are


What aren’t we?

Well, for one thing, we certainly aren’t the kind of company who’s going to try and sell you things you don’t need or want. Have a quick look through our website and you’ll notice there isn’t a single irrelevant image or piece of text. No useless information, no manuals and brochures wasting your time trying to reel you in without telling you how much anything costs or what you’re even looking at. No lengthy animated intro sequences or loading screens. Not here. We don’t do smoke and mirrors. This may sound a little crazy, we know, but we’re totally satisfied with simply delivering a great product.

Our priority is your project.

If we looked at our profit/loss report first and your project second, we’d go out of business or, worse – fall into mediocrity. Sure, all companies need profit, don’t get us wrong – but we figure that if we simply do the best work possible without neurotically checking the bottom line every 3 seconds and tapping our watches vigorously between sips of coffee, the money will come naturally.
So, that mantra we mentioned earlier?


Great work speaks for itself.